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Tabletop swift and yarn
Tabletop swift and yarn

May 2019

 A&S has continued meeting on alternate Friday evenings at the home of Elisabeth Anne Gray and Jacques de Sion, who are graciously sharing space with whomever would like to project in company with others. For details on how to participate please join our facebook page at

or email




In July we have Brewer's Guild notes: Brewers Guild - So Darkwood Dry Cider was consumed at the war.  Another 5 gallons.  Brewing contest run by Lady Edie.  Carwenna took 2 fermented foods prizes.  Vermuth scored well.  Tom chose not to enter any of his beer, but he judged instead.

Pictures next time, and maybe a new tab!


In June we finished up the silk banner painting. They were all presented as taxes at June Crown, along with 30 to 40 haversacks started in April, finished in June:

Tom the Brewer readies his paint

Carwenna tolerates me


Diving deep







May meeting:

Likely story?

Katie & Symon


April was a busy month in Hawks Haven as we started to prepare for taxes, which we'll be continuing in May.

April pictures:

Carwenna swifting

Tom resists


More resistance

Elegant resistance

Frame set-up

Francisco de Salamanca

Maggie (in back), Ariah & Carrek

Bird & flower resist

Francisco tensioning

Na'Arah, with color

Bird & flower, in color

Mercy's hedgehog and stag

Carrek's dragon